The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs is an official sponsor of the Eastern Oregon Film Festival!
Join us for a showing of Intermedium

Directed by: Erik Bloomquist
105 min | United States | English | 2023

Bridget Daugherty, an aspiring actress with OCD, is sent to live with her father in a sleepy New England hamlet, only to discover she has an unexpected roommate: the ghost of a boy named Kyle Donovan. Bridget’s high-strung nature immediately clashes with Kyle’s swaggering machismo, and she decides to help him pass on so she can be rid of him for good. But as they discover more about each other—and as Bridget grows increasingly entangled with the people from Kyle’s truncated life—they forge an unexpected connection that makes it hard for either of them to let go. Bursting with heart, wit, and a few jazzy musical numbers, Intermedium ushers vintage romance into the modern day and explores how it feels to truly see one another.

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